Symbols and Items Associated with Tet

Cay Neu: A bamboo stake placed in front of the house decorated with red paper to scare away evil spirits during the abscence of the Kitchen god.

Peach Blossoms: Many families decorate their house with a peach branch, symbolizing longevity and immortality.

Hoa Mai: A small, yellow flowering plant also use for decoration preferred by South Vietnamese with meanings of prosperity and well-being for the family.

Oranges, Tangerines, Apples: These fruits are often displayed on altars and various other places in the house. They give good luck and the colors of red and orange represents joyfulness.

Kumquat Tree: Use as decoration because the tree assures a fruitful and prosperous year.

Banh Chung: A type of rice cake with beans and pork, covered with banana leaves; a favorite for this holiday.

Red-Dyed Melon Seeds: Eaten as a snack during Tet, and it signifies progeny.

Releasing of a Carp: A mythology that the Kitchen god goes to heaven by riding on the back of a carp. Some people still respect this belief by releasing a carp in a pond or river.

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